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Hi There, I Founded this Club after searching for a Local deaf children's club for my son to join but after days of searching I could not find a club local to us in the Portsmouth area.

My son Riley struggles in school due to there being very few deaf peers for him to interact with.

It can be isolating and feel very lonely at the best of times.

I am also deaf, a cochlea implant user, and when I was a child I was part of a weekly deaf club and we did activities every half term and holidays. I could confide in my friends and the volunteers, I was happy and most of all, I felt included!

Due to goverment cuts over the years I am sad to discover these organisations are no longer running.

This is why I have set up Saturday Kids Zone, I am carrying it on for the next generation.

Our children and their families need this! To have something they can proudly call their own.

Come along and join our community. We welcome you with open arms.

We are based in Portsmouth Deaf Centre, monthly Saturdays 3pm til 5pm.

Please find everything you need to know about the club right here on this website.

Proud owner of Saturday Kids Zone
My son Riley and I

Supported by The Birkdale Trust

Supported by RADIAN

Based within Portsmouth Deaf Centre. Click picture to open on maps

Supported by CSSEF

    Asda, Waitrose and Tescos

    Supported by Big Fratton Local